Monday, January 08, 2007

São Nicolau Island

On a clear day, this mountainous island of rugged terrain and unique beauty, offers views of the rest of the archipelago.

Visitors to the island may discover the town of Ribeira Brava, filled with many squares, narrow streets and alleyways, a typical example of colonial influence. The school-seminary is an essential site to visit, along with the parish church and the ancient Sé Catedral (Sé Cathedral). The seminary was the first secondary school in Cape Verde and the entire Western coast of Africa.

The town on Tarrafal is renowned for its beach of black sand, rich in titanium and iodine, and visited by many people in search from relief from physical pains, such as rheumatism.

The bountiful sea that surrounds S. Nicolau attracts fishing lovers from around the world, who always marvel at the abundance of swordfish, blue marlin and other typical species of the region.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cesária Evora

Her full name is Cesária Joana Evora and she is known as Cise to her friends. But the world has come up with a new name for her: the Barefoot Diva. Born in August 1941 in the city of Mindelo in São Vicente, one of the ten islands which make up the Cape-Verdean archipelago.

The song she sings in this video is Sodade, a morna (a genre of cape-verdean music related to related to Portuguese fado, Angolan lament and Brazilian modinha).

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Fogo Island

Originally named São Filipe, Fogo Island (Fire in portuguese) was renamed because of its volcano, which is famous for being one of the most perfectly shaped cones in the world.

The city of São Filipe is the island's capital. Visitors can enjoy the elegant mansions built in the Portuguese colonial style that contrast deeply with the modest surrounding houses.

The island is famous for its production of the famous "café di Fogo" (Fogo's coffee), considered one of the best in the world. Along with the coffee there is also a vine production, in the heart of the volcanic crater. One must-have souvenir is the local wine called manecon, witch is highly appreciated that is produced without any chemicals in its composition.

The volcano is in fact the main tourist attraction on the island taking just over 4 hours to climb to the top. Reaching a height of about 3000 meters, it offers one of the most spectacular views and scenery of the whole of the Cape Verde Islands.