Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Santo Antão Island

The northernmost island of the archipelago is renowned for its jagged mountain peaks and deep valleys.

When arriving at the island by boat, you will first be met by the arid scenery of the Porto Novo city, but once the journey begins towards Ribeira Grande the lanscape changes radically, opening into the luxurious vegetation of the valleys.

Important sites to visit are the valley of Paúl - one of the most beautiful in the island -, and the town which lies stretched out against the sea, next to the airport, Ponta de Sol, that has amazing examples of colonial architecture.

Santo Antão is also renowned as the island of grog, a characteristic Cape Verdian brandy which is still made today by traditional methods of grinding the sugar cane.

The best way to discover Santo Antão definitely close to the nature, in outdoor activities. It is nowadays a very popular destination for trekking, hiking and mountain bike (MTB).

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Luar said...

I was reading your blog,and its amazing!
I heard that Ponta de Sol is one of the miracles of nature,is it true?
Good luck with your blog, its so good to read it, discovering beauties of our planet,
best wishies!