Monday, February 12, 2007

Brava Island

Brava is the smallest of the inhabited islands of the archipelago of Cape Verde. Being a rare combination of three qualities, colourful, small and beautiful, Brava is also known as the island of flowers. The climate’s freshness and humidity encourages the growth of an unusual abundant vegetation.

Vila de Nova Sintra, the island’s capital, is rich in dream houses and beautiful gardens filled with flowers. The famous Fonte Vinagre, a thermal spa of acidic mineral water with medicinal effects lies nearby the town.

Fajã d’Agua is the name of the sheltered bay which harbours boats in stormy weather. The marine blue of the sea contrasts deeply with the surrounding luxuriously green vegetation, making it an amazing scenery. The bay also provides unrivalled conditions for fishing sports, and is an essential site to be seen.

The island’s abundant beauty makes it a pleasure to wander through its terrain, in search of hidden locations which shelter tiny, but very welcoming populations.

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