Sunday, February 25, 2007

Real Estate and Properties in Cape Verde

About two years ago travel journalists predicted that the Cape Verde islands could be the next big tourist destination hotspot. And they were not far from the truth. Ever since Cape Verde was featured on BBC Holiday Destinations, the archipelago is being discovered by UK and Ireland tourists. And they are not only coming for a one-time vacation, they are buying property and land too.

Once only known by Portuguese and Italian investors, Cape Verde is an emerging market with massive investment potential. With such assets as stunning sceneries, beautiful white sandy beaches, year long sun and great location (only 3 hours from Lisbon or 5.5 hour direct flights from the UK - no jetlag) the islands are a true tropical paradise just next door.

There are wonderful investment opportunities in Cape Verde, from property to land investments, but the rapidly growing demand in Europe (especially in the UK and Ireland) for the purchase of investment and holiday property and land in Cape Verde are bound to turn the market around into a sellers market. The time for action is now. If you are interested in properties and developments for sale abroad you should really check the Cape Verdean market.

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