Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cape Verde, a top holiday destination

Cape Verde strengthens its position as a top new tourist destination by participating in numerous tourism fairs across Europe. According to news site A Semana online:

In addition to Lisbon and Madrid, Cape Verde will also be represented at the Milan Tourism Fair, the Berlin Tourism Fair, the Deauville Top Resa and the London World Tourism Market.

CI also highlights the importance of the opening of Praia International Airport, which has facilitated access to tourist “products” from the islands of Santiago, Fogo, Brava and Maio, including eco-tourism, religious and rural tourism, business travelling, etc.

In another article A Semana let us know of the plans to increase the number of flights from Lisbon to Sal by portuguese airline TAP.

This growth accompanies the dynamic of the Cape Verde’s transformation process and includes new airports, new ports of entry for tourists into the country. The concentration of entries that began with Sal is becoming diluted, and in a few years we’ll have various points of entry for investments and tourists in Cape Verde.

Also on the news, the new cape Verdean airline, Halcyon Air, will begin to operate in March.

The company will operate daily flights between the archipelago’s three largest islands – Santiago, Sal and Sao Vicente – and will run four weekly flights to Boavista Island and two flights per week between Sal and Fogo islands.

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