Saturday, February 24, 2007

Carnaval 2007 - Mindelo

The Carnival, also known as Mardi Gras, is one of the most anticipated celebrations in Cape Verde. This holiday mobilizes the population that organizes parades and street parties that rival with the best of the world. The most famous carnival in Cape Verde is the one from São Vicente's capital city, Mindelo.

This year, three groups shined in Mindelo's Carnival parade: Sonhos sem Limites (Dreams without Limits), Flores de Mindelo (Mindelo Flowers) and Maravilhas do Espaço (Space Wonders). Maravilhas do Espaço won the majority of the awards, including the Best Group award.

Main Awards:

Best Group Maravilhas do Espaço

King of Carnaval Flores do Mindelo (Nelson Delgado)

Queen of Carnaval Maravilhas do Espaço (Alicia dos Reis Brito)

Best Parade Car Maravilhas do Espaço

Flag Carrier Flores do Mindelo (Ana Júlia Brito)

Best Music Maravilhas do Espaço (Dany and José Pedro Mariano)

A few photos from Mindelo's Carnaval 2007

Photos are courtesy of Mindelo Infos. You can see more photos of the Mindelo's Carnival here.

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