Sunday, February 25, 2007

Real Estate and Properties in Cape Verde

About two years ago travel journalists predicted that the Cape Verde islands could be the next big tourist destination hotspot. And they were not far from the truth. Ever since Cape Verde was featured on BBC Holiday Destinations, the archipelago is being discovered by UK and Ireland tourists. And they are not only coming for a one-time vacation, they are buying property and land too.

Once only known by Portuguese and Italian investors, Cape Verde is an emerging market with massive investment potential. With such assets as stunning sceneries, beautiful white sandy beaches, year long sun and great location (only 3 hours from Lisbon or 5.5 hour direct flights from the UK - no jetlag) the islands are a true tropical paradise just next door.

There are wonderful investment opportunities in Cape Verde, from property to land investments, but the rapidly growing demand in Europe (especially in the UK and Ireland) for the purchase of investment and holiday property and land in Cape Verde are bound to turn the market around into a sellers market. The time for action is now. If you are interested in properties and developments for sale abroad you should really check the Cape Verdean market.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Carnaval 2007 - Mindelo

The Carnival, also known as Mardi Gras, is one of the most anticipated celebrations in Cape Verde. This holiday mobilizes the population that organizes parades and street parties that rival with the best of the world. The most famous carnival in Cape Verde is the one from São Vicente's capital city, Mindelo.

This year, three groups shined in Mindelo's Carnival parade: Sonhos sem Limites (Dreams without Limits), Flores de Mindelo (Mindelo Flowers) and Maravilhas do Espaço (Space Wonders). Maravilhas do Espaço won the majority of the awards, including the Best Group award.

Main Awards:

Best Group Maravilhas do Espaço

King of Carnaval Flores do Mindelo (Nelson Delgado)

Queen of Carnaval Maravilhas do Espaço (Alicia dos Reis Brito)

Best Parade Car Maravilhas do Espaço

Flag Carrier Flores do Mindelo (Ana Júlia Brito)

Best Music Maravilhas do Espaço (Dany and José Pedro Mariano)

A few photos from Mindelo's Carnaval 2007

Photos are courtesy of Mindelo Infos. You can see more photos of the Mindelo's Carnival here.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Maio Island

The town of Maio, the capital of the island, is also known by the name of Vila do Porto Inglês (Town of the English Port) due to the presence of English vessels in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Fairly arid until its recent forestation, the island now offers the greatest expanse of greenery in the archipelago. Maio island is encircled by beaches of fine pearly sand that provides a delicious contrast with the crystalline warm blue sea.

A trip to the island offers a quiet refuge ideal for relaxation. Lovers of diving and fishing can also enjoy the rich sea life. Another favourite tourist attraction is a peculiar form of rodeo involving the capture of a wild donkey.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Brava Island

Brava is the smallest of the inhabited islands of the archipelago of Cape Verde. Being a rare combination of three qualities, colourful, small and beautiful, Brava is also known as the island of flowers. The climate’s freshness and humidity encourages the growth of an unusual abundant vegetation.

Vila de Nova Sintra, the island’s capital, is rich in dream houses and beautiful gardens filled with flowers. The famous Fonte Vinagre, a thermal spa of acidic mineral water with medicinal effects lies nearby the town.

Fajã d’Agua is the name of the sheltered bay which harbours boats in stormy weather. The marine blue of the sea contrasts deeply with the surrounding luxuriously green vegetation, making it an amazing scenery. The bay also provides unrivalled conditions for fishing sports, and is an essential site to be seen.

The island’s abundant beauty makes it a pleasure to wander through its terrain, in search of hidden locations which shelter tiny, but very welcoming populations.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cape Verde, a top holiday destination

Cape Verde strengthens its position as a top new tourist destination by participating in numerous tourism fairs across Europe. According to news site A Semana online:

In addition to Lisbon and Madrid, Cape Verde will also be represented at the Milan Tourism Fair, the Berlin Tourism Fair, the Deauville Top Resa and the London World Tourism Market.

CI also highlights the importance of the opening of Praia International Airport, which has facilitated access to tourist “products” from the islands of Santiago, Fogo, Brava and Maio, including eco-tourism, religious and rural tourism, business travelling, etc.

In another article A Semana let us know of the plans to increase the number of flights from Lisbon to Sal by portuguese airline TAP.

This growth accompanies the dynamic of the Cape Verde’s transformation process and includes new airports, new ports of entry for tourists into the country. The concentration of entries that began with Sal is becoming diluted, and in a few years we’ll have various points of entry for investments and tourists in Cape Verde.

Also on the news, the new cape Verdean airline, Halcyon Air, will begin to operate in March.

The company will operate daily flights between the archipelago’s three largest islands – Santiago, Sal and Sao Vicente – and will run four weekly flights to Boavista Island and two flights per week between Sal and Fogo islands.