Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cape Verde in Cannes Cinema Festival 2007

Cape Verde will be on the spotlight in the Cannes Cinema Festival, one of the most prestigious international cinema competitions. The Festival that started on the 16 of may and ends on the 27th, celebrates this year its 60th anniversary.

The Cannes Cinema Festival will have a day dedicated to Cape Verde (the 24 of May). Also the new short movie by the Portuguese director Pedro Costa "Tarrafal", will debut in the Festival, not participating of the official competition. The movie "Tarrafal" is about the concentration camp that existed in the Santiago Island.

The Cape Verdean theme day have various events demonstrating the culture of the islands, from Cape Verdean gastronomy, to music - Tito Paris and São Vicente’s Carnival music, to name but a few.

Source: A Semana online (portuguese article)

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